Northern Italy by Train Itinerary: Where to Go + How to do it + Info

An epic Northern Italy Itinerary that has everything – lakes, mountains, historical towns,  Italy has always been the centre of attention because of its beauty and culture. Year after year, it ranks in the top 10 as one of the most visited countries in the world. Italy is where you can really experience it all – […]

Bosnia Road Trip: Itinerary for Bosnia-Herzegovina [10 Days] in the Balkans

How awesome is Bosnia-Herzegovina – there are epic waterfalls, stunning clear rivers and charming little towns.  When considering a country in eastern Europe for a road trip, Bosnia & Herzegovina should be one of the first countries on your mind. This idyllic country often gets overshadowed by its neighbor, Croatia. Don’t get me wrong, Croatia […]

What’s it Like to Live in Germany – the Good, Bad and the FUN

It has now been close to five years since I have been living in Germany. The last five years have been extremely eventful. I have learned a new language, lived with Germans, made many friends, traveled within the country, celebrated many festivals, taught Yoga in a studio here, and done much more than what can […]

Malaysia Visa

Detailed instructions for acquiring a visa for Malaysia Foreign nationals from countries that require visas and who want to enter Malaysia are issued a Malaysia visa. Only Malaysia is accessible with a Malaysian visa, and border procedures must be completed upon entry. As a result, obtaining a visa does not ensure that you will be […]