Passport that is valid for at least three months after the anticipated travel date (by using a couple exceptions)

Yes, visa waiver citizens must apply for an NZeTA even if they are only passing through New Zealand.

Use our online application process to apply for the selected visas or review visa details.
Receive assistance using our online services.
On the internet, immigration has increased.
Applications, paperwork, and NZeTA are still accessible through the old system.

Adapt to your character’s needs.
If you have ever been convicted of a felony or should have been deported from another country, you will be interrogated.

Some visitors to New Zealand or travellers transiting through NZ in route may enter without a visa, but they must obtain this digital travel authorisation.
It is genuinely given to foreign nationals from nations on the list of those who do not require visas.
The NZeTA is valid for two years and can be used on many occasions.

When I requested to change my email handle, I discovered this everywhere.
I adopted the same stance since I merely wished to begin a line of action regarding the pending application.
I didn’t anticipate getting a response right away because it was on Friday night (Saturday morning in New Zealand).
But on Monday early in the morning, my NZeTA was issued immediately following nine requests.

Due to the pre-screening of website visitors, eTAs will improve border security.
When you are fatigued from an extended flight, this may inevitably mean shorter processing times and less lines.

You must own a return ticket or the required sum of money to invest in 1.
Within the airport, it can be questioned.

If your previous name on your birth certificate and passport isn’t exactly the same, provide documentation of the name change.
There would be a need to declare your identity.

That concludes our last overview of the and IVL for brand-new Zealand.
If you still have questions, they will probably be addressed in the following guides:

You’ll think you don’t need a dictionary as you get ready to travel to New Zealand because the locals speak English.
When that is New Zealand ETA real, the English is different from what you are used to hearing.
You must respond with ketchup if asked to choose the tomato sauce.
Additionally, never assume the worst when someone says they want to go tramping in the bush.

New Zealand NZETA


The applications for both of those submissions are now waiting.
I am a little worried that I won’t make it in time for my flight on Friday.
Without success, I tried calling the NZ immigration number shown on the website.
Is there anything else I can do right now but wait?