How awesome is Bosnia-Herzegovina – there are epic waterfalls, stunning clear rivers and charming little towns. 

When considering a country in eastern Europe for a road trip, Bosnia & Herzegovina should be one of the first countries on your mind. This idyllic country often gets overshadowed by its neighbor, Croatia. Don’t get me wrong, Croatia is a magnificent country in itself but Bosnia & Herzegovina is just something else.

Driving in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Driving in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Nature-lovers will be astounded by the abundance of natural marvels that are hidden within Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is a surprise that it is often less traveled than its neighbors, but that also means that it is typically less crowded. This also means that you will be able to travel around without seeing the full effects that tourism has on society. You can expect genuine, unforgettable experiences.

Even though this post has a recommended itinerary for a road trip in Bosnia-Herzegovina, we recommend not making concrete plans but having a rough idea of where you want to start and end. Enter Bosnia, go find a river and drive along it.

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We drove along the Drina and got to see some of the most amazing scenery in our rented car. On our second trip here, we explored the area around Una and Krka rivers in our Camper van