How To Apply New Zealand ETA? Do It Online in 3 Steps!

A beautiful blog is written by Sin Yee (A Sabahan who is currently based in KL, MY. I blog mainly in food, beauty, and lifestyle). She has shared her online NZeTA application which was obtained from our agency. We hope this is helpful for others as well.

NZeTA Malaysia

When talking about New Zealand, what are the things in your mind? For me, NZ is a wonderful land of nature. I love humble and loving people, which Kiwi has~ And it is not overcrowding where LOHAS travelers would love it. I know quite a number of friends who visited NZ, and some have the chance to join the Work & Travel program in NZ. But for for myself, I have never visited there and I hope to go soon. Yet, we are all stuck at home now due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Well, it can’t stop me preparing my “Travel the world” dream. I have planned few trips that I wish I could go after the epidemic and one of them is to travel to New Zealand. So, I have done some studies and found that we need to apply ETA even Malaysia is listed as one of the visa waiver countries.

New Zealand ETA is like an electronic travel pass for travelers from visa waiver countries. It is first launched in August 2019 and is a mandatory entry document since October 2019.

Meanwhile, there are 2 types of NZ ETA:

1. Visit ETA – For whom are visiting New Zealand for up to 3 months. Regardless you will be arriving NZ by plane or you are flying to NZ to join a cruise trip, as long as you are entering NZ, you need to get this visit ETA.

2. Transit ETA – For those who are passing through New Zealand on your way to another country and do not plan to stay, you would have to apply for transit ETA. Please note that as a transit passenger, you can only travel through Auckland International Airport where you must stay in the transit area of the airport or on board your craft.

FYI, New Zealand ETA is valid for 2 years and can be used for multiple visits. And the great thing is you do not have to walk into embassy to apply the ETA. What you need to do is to apply it online. And here I am going to recommend the agency that I always engage with when applying my visa/ETA – iAdventure Escape Tours And Travel Sdn Bhd.

iAdventure Escape Tours And Travel Sdn Bhd is a registered travel agency. They have a physical center but you don’t have to walk-in in order to apply. So don’t ask me is this legit (like people who doubt me for years since I shared Aus Visa Application with only RM25)! Yes, it is!

Well, NZ ETA is not as cheap as Australia’s one.. It starts from USD 40~~

Now, let’s dive in to apply the New Zealand ETA…

Step 1: Go to and click “Request an ETA”

Step 2:  Fill in your details. Click “Continue” to fill in all the details and “Submit”.

Note: Make sure all are correct before submission.

Step 3: Click “Continue to payment” to make your payment directly.

Note: After payment is made, you will be redirected to the following page. Please remember your reference number. It is recommended to screenshot for reference.

Basically, after these 3 steps above, you will receive a confirmation email, stating that your application is in progress.

The application takes up to 72 hours to complete (depending on the package you take as well) and you will then receive another email update (application success or failure).

If your application is approved, then you can download the ETA through the link provided. I do recommend you to print it out so you can show it if (touch wood) any issue happens when you are entering NZ.

Okay~ That’s all for the sharing this round. Hope this simple guide helps~

Find/Follow iAdventure Escape Tours And Travel Sdn Bhd at:

Address: Level-8.03, Menara TA One, 22, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2164 5555
WhatsApp: 012-222 3800
Fax: +603-2181 8481
Email: [email protected]
Company Website:
Facebook: New Zealand ETA


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Austria & Czech Republic Introduce New Conditions of Entry From 14th April

Austria and the Czech Republic have presented new states of passage, beginning from April 14, in the midst of coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Austria’s legislature has concluded that all outsiders entering in the nation from April 14 will be required to show proof that they have tried negative for the test for COVID-19 in English, French, German or Italian. The test ought to be no more established than four days, reports.

From this choice will be excluded as it were Austrian citizens or people dwelling in Austria, who will, in any case, be subject to two weeks isolate at domestic upon return.

Cross border laborers will too be excluded from this commitment, meaning that transport for work, transportation of products, people subject to obligatory well being protections in Austria and the utilize of therapeutic administrations certified by a specialist on a uncommon frame; as well as travel through Austria will be permitted to proceed regularly amid the widespread.

The new measure will be valid until the end of April but can be extended.

The Austrian government has extended internal border controls at land borders with Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein until April 27, as an effort to stop the spread of corona-virus.

As per the Czech Republic, there will not be a prohibition of traveling for its citizens who wish to travel abroad.

People who are returning to the Czech Republic will be subject of a 14 days isolate. The consent to enter the Czech Republic will be recently amplified to companions and underage children of EU citizens dwelling within the Czech Republic.

Outsiders will be ineligible to enter the nation, but those who get a substantial home allow that remains successful.

Outside nationals will moreover be permitted to travel through the nation, but it is vital to exit the Czech Republic inside 24 hours to dodge the obligatory isolate due to the dangerous infection.

The Czech Republic has extended land border controls with Austria and Germany and air border controls which were set to expire on April 4, for another 20 days, until April 24 amid COVID-19.

Blogs by:
ROC: 1105482-D / KKPL No: 7849
Level-8.03, Menara TA One, 22, Jalan P. Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur. (Click here for map)
Phone: +603-2164 5555     Fax: +603-2181 8481

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Free Russian Visa for Malaysian


Starting from October 1, 2019, nationals of 51 foreign States may be granted an e-visa to enter the Russian Federation through air, naval, automobile, and pedestrian checkpoints located in the territory of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

PLEASE NOTE: Entry and exit on an e-visa by means of rail transport is currently unavailable.

1. How much does it cost?
Answer: Its 100% free when you apply yourself in the Russian government website.

2. How to find the Russian government website for making an application?
Answer: Please visit here

Regular Russian Visa, Sticker Type

Since visitors can not travel to many cities due to the e-visa policy and restriction, its always better to apply a regular Russian Visa so that you can travel with a peace of mind.

Please watch the video below and our visa executive has given the full details how to apply a Russian Visa from Malaysia.

How does the e-visa work?

Submitting Russian Visa Application at the Visa Center

We understand that filling up the Russian visa application form is just not easy as Australia Visa application, so you can get our full support including picking up your passport from house or office and returning back with a Russian visa in it.

Finding our office is very easy. We are located at 22 Jalan P Ramlee which is the same row as Beach club or right in front of the KLCC Twin tower. Our office is in Menara TA One. Visit us there at Level 8 and unit number 3. See the google map below.

ROC: 1105482-D / KKPL No: 7849
Level-8.03, Menara TA One,
22, Jalan P. Ramlee,

50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +603-2164 5555    
Fax: +603-2181 8481
Whatsapp: +60122223800

To check this agency valid travel agency license issued by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Click here

They are also member of Malaysian Travel Agency Association, view their membership info, Click here

Information about Russian Embassy and their daily updates / notice

Embassy of the Russian Federation
No. 263, Jalan Ampang,
Taman U Thant,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

 (+603) 4256-3949 
Fax: (+603) 4252-9139 
E-mail: [email protected]

Dear Applicants,


Due to the worsening epidemiological situation in Malaysia and the inability to fully ensure safety for the health of visitors, Consular department of the Embassy would suspend provision of consular, notarial, and visa services since March 17, 2020.

Consultations on consular issues can be obtained from 09.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00 by phone +60342563949 or email [email protected].

These temporary measures are taken due to the special circumstances and aim to protect the health of visitors.

We will immediately inform about the resumption of regular arrangements.

We appreciate Your understanding.



OFFICE HOURS 09.30–13.00

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Visa issues, Notary services (Legalization, Certification of a true copy, Certified Translation, Signature Authentication) and other.
  • Tuesday, Thursday: Russian Passports, Power of Attorney Authentication, Parental Consent for minors (by appointment).

The Embassy will be closed on Russian National Holidays.

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My Australia ETA has been Rejected, what should I do now?

There could be a number of reasons why Australian immigration will not approve this visa, so our suggestion is to contact them by following these instructions. 

The Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur has a new, dedicated email address for all matters relating to ETA applications. 

ETA Applications referred to the Australian High Commission

If your application for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) was lodged online (via or through a travel agent and you received a system message advising you to “refer to Embassy”, you will need to send the following MANDATORY information to the Department.

ETA Application Requirements

  1. Completed ETA Additional Information Request Form (click here to download the form); and
  2. A copy of the ETA applicant’s passport biodata page (the page with the passport holder’s details and photo) and passport observation page; and
  3. A copy of the screenshot of the ETA referral screen (if available).

The Department also requires you to provide additional information to determine that you genuinely intend to visit Australia for tourism or business visitor purposes.  You are required to provide:

1.         A statement and itinerary regarding your intended stay in Australia.  Please include evidence of any arrangements made (if any).

2.         A list of your immediate family members (including full names and dates of birth), indicating which of these family members will be traveling with you.

3.         Please provide details of other traveling companions or people accompanying you on the trip other than family members.  Please include their full name and date of birth.

4.         Provide details of all family, friends and contacts in Australia.  Please include their full names and dates of birth. Please indicate if they are Australian citizens or permanent residents.  If not, please indicate visa status and reason for their stay in Australia.

5.         Evidence of your employment. This should be:

a.         A statement from the employer that indicating your annual salary and that you have approved leave for your travel to Australia, or

b.         If you and/or your sponsor are self-employed, business registration documents and financial records for the business (such as bank statements).

If you are not employed, please provide other evidence of your financial capacity or evidence from the person who supports you (including evidence of your relationship with that person).

6.         Bank statements showing at least the previous two months’ transactions.  Please include all bank accounts that you and/or your sponsor hold.

Applications that do not include the above material will experience delays, or may be decided on the basis of material already before the Department of Home Affairs.

You must e-mail a complete application to [email protected].

If you need further information, please contact:
Australia ETA Visa Malaysia
Level-8.03, Menara TA One
22, Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603-2164 5555
Google Map:
Email: [email protected]

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