Dear Members,

We refer to the current situation of the COVID 19 Outbreak since January 2020, and the Movement Control Order (MCO), 18 March – 14 April 2020 which has affected our members business which has been reduced to zero. With no business, means no income. The situation is not clear when it will be over.

We have heard market talk that many many members have started to downsize their business and reducing their number of staff.

Herewith, we are conducting a simple survey amongst members to tabulate statistics of the number of staff been reduced. We seek your cooperation in providing the following details in this survey.

  Google Form link as below:

Kindly note the above information will be kept confidential for the use by MATTA only, and when we engage with the government during this period of time.

We seek your kind cooperation for these information, and trust that you can submit your response via email  to MATTA office by Monday, 6 April 2020 to attn Pn Salbiah at [email protected].

Thank you.


Honorary Secretary General MATTA                                                                   

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